Join the Mexico City Photo Walk Tour and discover the secrets to taking better travel photographs. During the photo walk tour you will learn how to see the sights of the city with photographer’s vision and how to compose for artistic shots instead of boring images. The photo walk leader, Gracie, is an award-winning travel photographer specializing in evocative and romantic images of people and places. She is known for her ability to simply explain the concepts of photographic composition. The photo walk participants enjoy challenges along the route that push their artistic composition to create stunning photos.

Mexico City Photo Walk Tour Itinerary

The Mexico City Photo Walk is a three-hour tour starting most days at 10am or 3pm. We will meet at a location disclosed after booking. There will be a discussion about composition and some practice in learning to utilize these concepts in every photograph. The elements of camera technique – aperture, shutter speed, exposure – will be covered but please note it isn’t possible to explain the intricate workings of each particular model. The Photo Walk is perfect for photographers of any level, including complete beginners, but you must be conversant with the dials, buttons and menus of your own brand and model. IPhone users will receive instruction on the hidden techniques for using the phone’s camera.

Then we take off into the streets to walk some of the famous sights, as well as lesser known. Along the way, interesting photo challenges encourage participants to find different ways of shooting and visualizing the story they want to tell through imagery. Gracie will give personal coaching to each individual in the maximum 4 person group.

We will fully deserve the rest when we stop for coffee or margaritas to analyze our shots. This portfolio review is a great chance to learn from viewing the work of others and hearing the comments made for improvement. IPhone users may want to join the Iphone dedicated walk and learn how to edit in-App for stunning photos.

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